Fall 2019 Courses

English 203: Introduction to Research for Professional Writers

Introduction to research sources and methods useful for professional writers, including electronic resources. Focus on collecting print and online information, interviewing, surveying, and conducting observations; and on evaluating, summarizing, analyzing, and reporting research.

English 306: Introduction to Professional Writing

This course covers the foundational theories and history of Professional Writing as a field. In this course students will be prepared for majoring in Professional Writing by exploring the range of careers open to professional writers and develop strategies for shaping their individual programs to position themselves to enter the field after graduation.

English 309: Computer-Aided Publishing

In this course students learn strategies for planning, writing, and revising the content and design of documents; improve their management of electronic tools that are often used in the workplace; learn the rules of design—and how to break those rules; integrate content, design, audiences’ needs and expectations into readable, inviting documents; develop a critical eye for design; and design a professional portfolio they can develop and use during job interviews.

English 419: Multimedia Writing

Multimedia writing for networked contexts. Emphasizes principles, and practices of multimedia design, implementation, and publishing. Typical genres include Web sites, interactive media, digital video, visual presentations, visual argument, and user documentation.

English 420: Business Writing

Workplace writing in networked environments for management contexts. Emphasizes organizational context, project planning, document management, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include management memos, reports, letters, e-mail, resumes (print and online), oral presentations.

English 421: Technical Writing

Workplace writing in networked environments for technical contexts. Emphasizes context and user analysis, data analysis/display, project planning, document management, usability, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include technical reports, memos, documentation, Web sites.

English 422: Writing For The Health And Human Sciences

This course applies rhetorical principles to writing in health, hospitality, nutrition, nursing and related fields in the Health and Human Sciences.

English 424: Writing For High Technology Industries

Applies principles of effective professional writing to the planning, production, and evaluation of computer user manuals and other writing tasks.

English 515: Advanced Professional Writing

Production of documents and coordination of publishing projects for clients and users; application of advanced principles of document design, rhetoric, collaboration, and project management; and team writing in a computer-networked environment.