Study Abroad in Dundee, Scotland

The Industrial Revolution, the Enlightenment, and the Scientific Method: Scotland inspired many of the values Americans hold dear as founding ideals. At the dawn of the 21st century, Scotland is also leading Great Britain and the European Union in biotechnology research, gaming and digital design, and wind power research. After witnessing the dawn of the industrial revolution, Scotland is now leading the search for answers posed by the post-industrial age: How do we produce clean, renewable energy? How do we create and sustain meaningful work and jobs? What does it mean to work in a post-industrial age? University of Dundee, located 60 miles north of Edinburgh and 80 miles north of Glasgow, is an excellent base from which to explore both the industrial past and post-industrial present of Scotland, and to research the future as it is taking shape in Scotland.

High-technology research in a variety of fields hosted by the University of Dundee characterize today’s Scotland: digital technology, bioinformatics, clean energy, and cutting-edge medical research, challenging the image of stereotypes of kilts and bagpipes, replacing it with an identity of an energized, dynamic, youthful country that has, most recently, created the Falkirk Wheel that opened Scotland’s canals to pleasure craft and reinvigorated the local economy. It is an excellent site and case for Purdue students to study abroad as they learn how a foreign country is addressing its various needs: for good sustainable jobs, as well as leisure and health opportunities while supporting Scotland’s tourism. The City of Dundee, once thought of as Scotland’s center for Jam, Jute and Journalism, is reemerging as the City of Discovery with the Victoria and Albert Museum opening a new museum, its first outside London, in Dundee. The museum is a symbol of the emergence of Dundee, the City of Discovery, as a center for Scotland’s post-industrial economic revitalization.

At home, in nearby Delphi, Indiana, citizens seek to rebuild and reopen Indiana’s canals—connecting the regions in their desire to realize new opportunities. But connections do not end there. Professional and technical writers work at the crossroads of high- technology research and the people who use high-tech products on both sides of the Atlantic to articulate such connections. This summer study program offers these students the opportunity to connect with their Scottish counterparts, to get to know the challenges and successes enjoyed by their peers abroad. Similarly, students of other disciplines will have exposure to the global challenges of post-industrial work.