Spring 2020 Courses

ENGL 203: Introduction To Research For Professional Writers

Introduction to research sources and methods useful for professional writers, including electronic resources. Focus on collecting print and online information, interviewing, surveying, and conducting observations; and on evaluating, summarizing, analyzing, and reporting research.

ENGL 204: Rhetoric Principles For Writers

ENGL 306: Introduction To Professional Writing

Development of skill in analyzing rhetorical situations in the workplace. Practice in planning, writing, evaluating, and revising a variety of documents typical of those used in the arts and industry.

ENGL 309: Computer-Aided Publishing

The development of the ability to write and design documents using electronic publishing technologies. Students will receive instruction in writing, graphics, and publishing software and will write, design, produce, and critique a number of publications. For information about this course, follow this link for assignment details and textbook information.

ENGL 419: Multimedia Writing

Multimedia writing for networked contexts. Emphasizes principles, and practices of multimedia design, implementation, and publishing. Typical genres include Web sites, interactive media, digital video, visual presentations, visual argument, and user documentation.

ENGL 420: Business Writing

Workplace writing in networked environments for management contexts. Emphasizes organizational context, project planning, document management, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include management memos, reports, letters, e-mail, resumes (print and online), oral presentations.

ENGL 421: Technical Writing

Workplace writing in networked environments for technical contexts. Emphasizes context and user analysis, data analysis/display, project planning, document management, usability, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include technical reports, memos, documentation, Web sites.

ENGL 422: Writing For The Health And Human Sciences

This course applies rhetorical principles to writing in health, hospitality, nutrition, nursing and related fields in the Health and Human Sciences.