Overview of the Undergraduate Major

The undergraduate major in Professional Writing at Purdue University includes strands in Technical Writing and Writing and Publishing. Professional Writing is housed in the Department of English and is noted for cultivating expertise in writing for the digital workplace, for teaching and researching multimedia writing, visual rhetoric, and usability, and for emphasizing collaboration, community service, and open source development and documentation. Professional Writing is known nationally for its innovative and productive faculty, its outstanding alumni network, and its leadership in the areas of digital publishing, visual communication, and networked communication in a global community. Students have numerous opportunities for internships and coursework in these subjects and gain important experience for the job market and advanced degrees. Students also minor in such areas as information technology, journalism, agricultural communication, art and design, and computer graphics technology.

Undergraduate students in either major area (Technical Writing or Writing and Publishing) have excellent internship and scholarship opportunities, as well as the chance to study abroad through Purdue’s well-known Study Abroad Program. Four Crouse Scholarships(Undergrad/Scholarships) of $5,000 each are awarded annually to outstanding and promising students in PW. There are numerous onsite and offsite internship opportunities. A major goal of the PW major in both strands is to give students practical experience working in high-tech, health, pharmaceutical, and publishing industries (to name just a few areas of interest). Professional Writing also hosts a small but state-of-the-art multimedia and electronic publishing center that is open to undergraduates working on projects that require high-end computing and printing. The Purdue alumni network in Professional Writing and Rhetoric and Composition is wide and has binding ties to important sites in academia and industry. For more information about Professional Writing, contact the Director, Dr. Michael Salvo; salvo@purdue.edu

Professional Writing Minor

The Professional Writing undergraduate minor provides students an opportunity to complement their major courses with classes and experiences in Professional Writing. Students will have opportunities to develop professional design and research skills through composing written, visual, and multimedia materials for print and digital environments. Students enrolled in the minor will be introduced to foundational principles of professional writing, research in professional writing, digital publishing, and more. Students will also gain professional workplace experience by completing an internship and corresponding seminar as part of the minor. Students interested in adding a Professional Writing minor should contact their adviser and the Director of Professional Writing, Dr. Michael Salvo; salvo@purdue.edu

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Professional Writing Scholarships
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