Applying to teach in Professional Writing

Applying for a Position in Professional Writing

If you are a current TA or lecturer at Purdue, or if you are a qualified applicant interested in a teaching position in professional writing, please consider applying for a position. You can download the application form here. Please also review the required credentials below as you assemble your application materials. This form is primarily used by current Purdue TAs and lecturers but others may use the form as well.

Required Credentials for Teaching Business Writing and Technical Writing

Applicants with the following credentials will be considered for appointment as English 420/421 instructors in the Department of English:
1. A master’s degree in professional writing, rhetoric/composition, English, or comparable area (applicants who have nearly completed their master’s degree and who have some of the preferred credentials listed below may also be considered)
2. Experience and demonstrated effectiveness teaching writing at the university level
3. Formal mentoring in the teaching of writing at the university level
4. Keen interest in and professional commitment to teaching technical and professional writing
5. Experience in using computer technologies for writing

Additional Credentials for Teaching Business Writing and Technical Writing

Applicants with the following credentials will be granted preference:
1. Upper-level composition or professional writing teaching experience (e.g., advanced composition, technical writing, business writing, desktop publishing)
2. Graduate or undergraduate coursework relevant to professional writing (e.g., professional writing theory, research design, advanced technical or professional writing)
3. Professional writing experience in business, industry, or government; research experience and/or publications in professional writing
4. Experience teaching in computer classrooms or facility in using a variety of computer writing technologies (e.g., word processing, e-mail, charting and drawing programs, web authoring tools, content management and networking software)

Evaluation Criteria for Business Writing and Technical Writing Instructors Mentoring

During their first semester teaching English 420/421, new instructors are expected to enroll in and successfully complete a formal practicum in the teaching of business or technical writing (English 505M).

Instructors are expected to commit to teaching at least two continuous semesters in the program.

Documenting Teaching Effectiveness

Each semester they teach English 420/421, instructors are expected to provide the Director of Professional Writing with evidence of their teaching effectiveness. Judgments about teaching effectiveness are based on evidence such as:

1. Student evaluations of course and instructor
2. Syllabus (instructors are required to turn in a copy of their course syllabus to the Program director each semester they teach the course)
3. Course materials (e.g., handouts, slides, assignments, coursepack materials)
4. Student writing samples with teacher’s comments
5. Class observations by the Program Director, Assistant Director, or Mentor

Professional Development

Instructors are expected to participate in the business and technical writing program and to work to develop and maintain their credentials to teach English 420/421. Evidence of participation/development includes:

1. Attendance and participation at staff meetings
2. Attendance and participation at professional conferences related to professional writing (e.g., Midwest ABC, CCCC, C&W, CPTSC, STC)
3. Contribution to the development of program materials (e.g., website or project contributions)
4. Professional consulting experience in business, industry, or government; research activity and/or publications in professional writing
5. Teaching of other professional writing courses or other involvement in professional writing curricula