Showcase 2016

This week's showcase will take place in Stewart 310 from 10AM to 3 PM on Thursday, April 14. Remember that your students can pick up their tri-folds and glue sticks from Joy between 8-12 and 1-4 in the iCaP office.

2015/2016 Crouse Awards in Professional Writing


Crouse Writing & Publishing: Brooke Halteman
Crouse Technical Writing: Anita Schafer


Crouse Emergent Scholar: Kyle Vealey
Crouse Promising Scholar: Michelle McMullin


    And thank you to our alumni judges for the undergraduate awards:
  • Ben Wachtel, 2013
    Social Media Manager, Element Three, Indianapolis, IN
  • Carolyn Shaffer, Class of 2012
    Social Media Coordinator, Bauer College of Business, Houston TX
  • Arielle Laskau, Class of 2012
    Senior Technical Author at Navistar, Chicago, IL
  • Courtney Ginder, 2012
    Content Manager, LHP Telematics, Westfield, IN
  • Bridget Johnston, Class of 2012
    Interactive Projects Coordinator, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, IN

    And the faculty judges for the graduate awards:
  • Jenny Bay, Associate Professor and Director of IC@P
  • Richard Johnson-Sheehan, Professor and Interim Director of the Writing Lab
  • Bradley Dilger, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing
  • Michael J. Salvo, Associate Professor and Director of Professional Writing
  • Patricia Sullivan, Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Rhetoric and Composition